Our Mission

“Through our business we aim to provide you with style and quality, turning your houses into homes.”

About us

Bahnam Ceramigres s.a.r.l., is specialized in selling construction materials for domestic and commercial projects both in 1st choice quality.

Holding over 30 years of experience in the market, we help create a never-ending balance of shades, colors, and surfaces with textures that are brought to life through natural effects and simultaneously having a fashionable style for your house.

Our customer's interest in style, aesthetics and quality products is our main inspiration behind every product and service presented. The priorities which we work accordingly are: Quality, Innovation and Experience.

Meet our Team

Adib Bahnam


Elie Bahnam

Sales Manager

Audrey Bahnam

Marketing manager


LBCI – Adma
National Museum of Beirut
Casino Du Liban


Moulin D’Or – Ajaltoun
Moulin D’Or – Zouk Mosbeh
Gerardo – Ajaltoun
El Rif – Ennaya
Al Siwan – Mayrouba
Mawal – Ennaya
Hotel Hafroun – Ehmej
Kalaat Al Roumieh – Daraya
Naourat Al Roumieh – Daraya
Nasr El Bacha – Feytroun
Octagone – Koura
Al Sahara – Reyfoun
Tilal Al Sahar – Reyfoun
Al Madar – Faraya
Al Saniour – Antelias
Adib Palace – Kleiaat
Seif Al Bahr, Laklouk
Le Merou Seafood – Mar Mikhael
Vin Sur 20 – Mar Mikhael


Mzaar Ski Resort
Jeita Country Club
Military Complex – Jounieh


Hotel Terrebrune – Faqra
Hotel Burj On Bay – Tabarja
Hotel Soulouj – Laklouk
Hotel Intercontinental – Mzaar


St. Elie School – Zahle
Antonine International School – Baabda


Flawless Tower – Adlieh
R.N. Bldg – Ghineh
E.L. Bldg – Kfour
G.B. Bldg – Adma
G.B. Bldg – Zalka
G.B. Bldg – Haret Sakher
G.B. Bldg – Jouret Al Ballout
G.B. Chalets – Laklouk
A.H.C. Bldg – Hazmieh
Boueiry Bldg – Ghadir
M.A. Bldg – Chnaniir
A.B. Bldg –  Ramlat Al Baida
A.B. Bldg – Tallat Al Khayat


Villa E.M. – Zahle
Villa N.A.A. – Bdadoun
Villa Z.A.A. – Bdadoun
Villa J.G. – Feytroun
Villa Dr. A.R. – Kfardebiane

Villa SA – Batroun
Villa RH – Chabrouh Faraya
Villa Dr. NY – Chatine Tannourine
Villa H.T – Nabatiyeh
Villa N.J – Kfarfakoud
Villa E.L – Faraya
Villa T.L – Faraya
Villa T. S. – Kleiat
Villa F. H. – Adma
Villa General K. – Batroun
Villa N. A. – Sehaile
Villa Ing. W.M. – Feytroun
Villa Dr. J.M. – Feytroun
Villa M. – Feytroun
Villa K.B. – Feytroun
Villa Dr.M. – Syria
Villa R.O. – Bekaatit Kanaan
Villa B. – Harissa
Villa T.Z. – Hrajel
Villa E.A.Z. – Chnaniir
Villa T.A.N. – Faraya
Villa C.K. – Mayrouba
Villa J.S. – Ajaltoun
Villa F.K. – Faraya


Mar Gerges Church – Debel
Hadath El Jebbeh Church
St. Daniel Church – Dimane
Ste. Marie Church – Baskinta
Ste. Marie Church – Hrajel
Ste. Marie Church – Beit Mery
Ste. Marie Church – Kfarhouna
St. Roukoz Church – Baskinta
St. Georges Church – Baskinta
St. Georges Church – Feytroun
St. Simon Church – Kleiat
Armenian Monastery – Bzommar


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